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lagerSUPER CHROME, AK-färg

Artikelnr AAK9198


189 kr

Standard frakt  (29 kr inom Sverige)

Super chrome is a special ultra-glossy, alcohol-based ink including a resin component that improves the optical and mechanical properties of the ink.

This formula optimises adhesion and gloss level, and helps to stabilise the pigments.

The extra fine particles stay perfectly aligned to the surface and offer an extremely strong mirror effect as well as a high covering power.

This paint is UV resistant.

This paint is suitable for application over all surfaces but works best for homogeneous surfaces.

It can be applied using an airbrush and a brush.

Highest quality acrylic lacquervarnish, made from an improved chemical formula over other brands in the market.

Sprays smoothly through an airbrush: adheres to the surface and dries perfectly with a soft finish. Holds firmly all kind of weathering products.

May be diluted with AK-Interactives specific thinner, or thinners from other manufacturers intended for acrylic lacquer paints (non-vinyl).


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