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The definitive encyclopedia of model Armour Fighting Vehicles performed by Mig Jimenez, author of Best Sellers in Model history FAQ 1 and 2, and a selection of the best worldwide armour modelers, led by Mig Jimenez.

Through more than 750 pages and 4,500 high quality and full color photos, modelers can learn everything needed to make tanks, from the simplest processes for the new modeler to advanced techniques for the advanced modeler.

The processes explained in this encyclopedia are composed of highly informative texts and numerous pictures explaining in great detail every step. This encyclopedia is the ultimate tool that should be on the table of every armour fighting vehicle modeling fan. The amount and great detail of detailed processes makes this work so extensive that is has been divided into 5 volumes to make it more manageable on any desk.

This encyclopedia consists of 6 volumes:

Volume 1: Construction. (152 pages)
Volume 2: Interiors and Base Color (160 pages)
Volume 3: Camouflage (150 pages)
Volume 4: Weathering (160 pages)
Volume 5: Final Touches (160 pages)
Volume 6: Complete Process (46 page)

It includes the case to have the collection perfectly protected.

Läs mer på MIG hemsida http://www.migjimenez.com/en/

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