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lagerIssue 14. NIGHT COLORS, Ammo MIG

Artikelnr AMIG5214


90 kr
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The Weathering Aircraft your favourite publication focused on the techniques of painting and weathering aircraft is proud to follow up with our fourteenth issue. On this occasion we will focus on a subject that although is universally interesting is also feared by many modellers: night combat aircraft.

As always we show a full range of different techniques used to achieve a wide variety of effects. You will learn how to work with the dreaded black schemes and realize that you can achieve the same results possible when working with the other colours.

In order to achieve a realistic finish we will show you how to use some standard techniques in addition to other very specific processes. Of course each step is clearly explained by the authors through hundreds of photos. This issue features a full range of different types of night aircraft and the genres historical evolution and even includes the mount of Batman of one the most famous superheroes to date. For this issue we gathered teaching tools and inspiration from some of best modellers around each contributing their unique style to show you how to maximize the potential of your favourite Night Fighter.

Läs mer på MIG hemsida http://www.migjimenez.com/en/

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