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lagerIssue 26 MODERN WARFARE, Ammo MIG

Artikelnr AMIG4525


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Magazine, Soft cover, 72 pages in full color.

The Weathering Magazine is the only magazine completely focused on the painting and aging techniques of scale models and figures, created to meet your modelling aspirations. In this issue of The Weathering Magazine we want to show you a cross-section of subjects representing modern battlefields such as the veteran T-72 tank the ultra-modern PUMA IFV the M9 armored bulldozer, the fast CB-90 assault boat and many more. Our contributors have created a series of innovative articles for you to learn from while demonstrating the techniques used to accurately and realistically represent modern combat machinery while integrating narrative elements of the environment surrounding them. Modern vehicles present a great opportunity for the modeler thanks to the amount of reference images available in color and in a high definition format that which also includes video recordings of the vehicles in action. The knowledge and experience gained will easily translate to any other era or subject while enriching your modeling skills.

As you have come to expect from The Weathering Magazine, this issue is composed of articles lush with step-by-step detailed explanations on how to execute each technique and use each product with ease through high-quality images and concise descriptions.
This long-awaited new issue is destined to be one of your favorite resources where each page will be a source of inspiration for all.

Läs mer på MIG hemsida http://www.migjimenez.com/en/

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