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lagerSilicone Molds - Rooftops, Green stuff

Artikelnr 74506853ES

Silicone Molds - Rooftops

130 kr
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Silicone Molds - Rooftops 1/35 (54mm)
Transparent silicone moulds of rooftop tiles. Model A (Straight) has tiles of 5x6mm and Model B (Circular) has tiles of 6.5x8mm.
Made of high quality foodgrade silicone, easy to use and intricately cut for great impressions these molds are heat resistant (up to 240ºC) and durable. The molds are carefully carved for highly detailed and thorough results for both dimensional design and surface imprinting. Each mold has a large surface area measuring 6x12cm.
The molds work great with any sort of resin, we highly recommend using acrylic resin. Wait until the resin has dried completely before removing the pieces. Other materials such as milliput, milliput mixed with plasteline, magic sculpt and others also work but are harder to use. We recommend the use of scrapers to remove excess putty/clay from the molds without damaging them.

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