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lagerIssue 28: FOUR SEASONS, Ammo MIG

Artikelnr AMIG4527


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The Weathering Magazine is the only magazine completely focused on the most enjoyable and effective painting and weathering techniques for finishing scale models and figures created to fuel your imagination and provide the learning experience you need to explore the limits of your modelling aspirations. The latest release is the most unique issue of your favourite magazine, where you will witness a modelling experiment involving the work of four authors interpretation of the same kit in each of the four seasons. Four independent creators four unique styles and four different approaches to realistically depicting the weathering effects of each of the four seasons shown on the same subject, the Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. G from Border Model. With this brand-new perspective, these world class authors show you the differences resulting from specific atmospheric conditions typical of different seasons. This issue will help you make educated choices and teach you how to use the appropriate products and modelling techniques for each seasonal element including when and where to use washable paint how to use chipping fluid benefits of dusting with pigments fading with oils and a wide range of enamel effects used in layers to convincingly finish any subject in any setting. In addition, youll see how to paint a German BF-109 fighter operating in the stifling heat of the African desert well show you how to make a realistic frigid scene with an atomic submarine locked up and icebound as well as an oozing muddy autumn robot slogging through the muck and falling leaves.

The Weathering Magazine explains all featured painting and weathering techniques with detailed "step-by-step" articles each showing you how to perform each technique as illustrated through high-quality images and concise descriptions from some of the worlds best modellers. This eagerly awaited new issue of TWM is sure to be a collectors favourite each page filled with useful techniques and every article a learning resource couched in inspiration for all genre and level of modeller.

Läs mer på MIG hemsida http://www.migjimenez.com/en/

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