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lager1/350 Mogami, Tamiya

Artikelnr TAM78021

1/350 Mogami

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Japanese Cruiser Mogami

Scale: 1:350


The unique Japanese Navy Aircraft Carrying Cruiser Mogami was built in compliance with
the London Naval Treaty following WWI. She was initially equipped with 15.5cm cannons
(5x3) and was completed in July 1935. The 15.5cm cannons were later replaced with
3x20.3cm cannons transforming the Mogami into a heavy cruiser. During WWII, the Mogami
took part in numerous operations such as the Malay landing operation, the Battle of Sunda
Strait, and the Battle of Midway. However, it was at Midway where the Mogami suffered
extensive damage and during repairs, a flight deck that could accommodate 11 floatplanes
was fitted. After sustaining heavy damage from the US fleet during the Battle of Leyte, her
crew abandoned ship and she was scuttled with torpedoes.
This is a 1/350 scale assembly kit model.
You can choose to construct either a waterline or full hull display model.
Assembly of the deck and hull for such a large model is difficult, but this kit includes
reinforcing frame parts and screws to enable accurate assembly.
The display stand securely attaches to the ships hull via screws.
The metal name plate enhances the finish of the model.
Parts for 11 highly detailed Aichi E13A floatplanes are included and stands are also Included
to enable display of 6 floatplanes in flying position around the ship.
The bridge windows and search light lens are made of transparent parts.
High quality photo-etched parts depict details such as floatplane propellers and crane are
The masts and radio antennas are made of reinforced ABS resin. The aft mast can be
removed thanks to polycaps for easy storage.
Metal plated shaft is used for the screw shaft. The anchor and chain are also depicted
with metal parts.
Machine gun parts feature laser processing for a sharper, more realistic finish.
Parts are included to depict main gun barrels at 2 different elevation levels. Polycaps
enable switching of gun turrets as well as free turret rotation for a variety of displays.