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lagerGTB2 X-Drive Racing regla, Novak

Artikelnr M-NOV1749

GTB2 X-Drive Racing regla

1759 kr

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Taking the World by Storm Racing!GTB 2 ​​Gets X-DRIVE!Novak X-Drive™ has arrived in a major way, and is taking the racing world by storm! This new technology has now been added to the tried-and-true GTB 2 platform, and is here to stay. Novak is pleased to introduce two new racing speed controls—the GTB 2 Racing w/X-Drive (#1749) and the GTB 2 Racing w/X-Drive- Low Profile (#1748).WHAT IS X-DRIVE ™?Novak-developed X-Drive ™ is the newest motor-firing technology. This firmware and hardware revolutionary Delivers unmatched performance and provides: Unparalleled Smooth throttle response and controlled braking Faster lap times Cooler operating temperatures More power for Nearly all applications. Customers and team drivers who have used X-Drive printed side-by-side report a noticeable performance COMPARISONS Advantage. This update not only more control Makes Efficient của speed, sew it very well make you Faster and put you on the podium!THE IDEAL SPEC ESCNovak’s original GTB, and its successor the GTB 2, have been staples at race tracks all over the world. The GTB 2 platform offers the perfect ESC for almost any class of racing from local Sportsman club racing, to Pro Modified 4X4 Short Course, to any form of on-road racing. The GTB 2 excels in the non-ramping /non-timing Spec Classes and can easily handle the demands of modified 540 and 550-sized motors. It has no built-in timing or motor-ramping features so there is no need to worry about firmware versions, lights or blinks. The GTB 2 is Spec Legal!LOADED WITH FEATURESTThe GTB 2 w/X-Drive has everything you need. If you want to fine-tune the feel and response of the ESC, there are 9 on-board adjustments using the One-Touch button. There is no complicated PC programming or use of external programming devices. The GTB 2X w/X-Drive also features NovaBrakes™. This revolutionary braking system provides instantaneous and unbelievably smooth brake response for every application. In addition to thermal protection, the GTB 2 w/X-Drive has on-board temperature monitoring circuitry. Racers can check their ESC’s temperature during or after each run.GTB 2 ​​X-DRIVE WITH RACING ESC SPECIFICATIONSMotor Type: sensored BrushlessFwd / Brk / Rev: F / B / RInput Cells: 1 * -2S Lipo / NiMH 4-6Footprint: 29.5 x 37.3 mmHeight: 24.6 mmWeight (w / o Wires): 36.6 gOn-Resistance: 0.00040 ohms @ 25 ° C trans. temp.Motor Compatibility: 540-Size: 3.5-turn sensored or higher; 550-Size: 4.5-turn sensored or higherBEC: 6.0 volts DC / 3.0 ampsWire Size: 14G Super-Flex Copper-Strand Silicone WireStatus LEDs: 5 multi-colored* For 1S applications, a receiver or a receiver battery pack booster như Novak´s # 5477 1S Phải Booster Module used.