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SAAB J29A/B Tunnan, Plastbyggsatser

Artikelnr TA7201

SAAB J29A/B Tunnan

245 kr
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Standard frakt  (29 kr inom Sverige)

Tarangus model Skala 1:72

SAAB J29A/B Tunnan

The SAAB 29, colloquially called Flygande tunnan (English: "The flying barrel"), was a Swedish fighter designed and manufactured by SAAB in the 1940s. It was Swedens second turbojet-powered combat aircraft, the first being the Saab 21R; additionally, it was the first Western European fighter to be produced with a swept wing after WWII, the Me 262 being the first during the war. Despite its rotund appearance, from which its name derives, the J 29 was a fast and agile aircraft for its era. It served effectively in both fighter and fighter-bomber roles into the 1970s.
This model is of the early version with a straight leading edge of the wing. It was later modified with a dog tooth shape.

The kit is a high quality shortrun with injection moulded clear parts.

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