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lager1/35 GMC Bofors 40mm, Plastbyggsatser

Artikelnr HB82459

1/35 GMC Bofors 40mm

329 kr

Standard frakt  (29 kr inom Sverige)

GMC Bofors 40mm Gun

The U.S. military decided to ask various companies to create a troops transport vehicle quickly available and convenient. In 1941, the GMC firm won and the production began. . The qualities of this vehicle were numerous: the use of a tarp to cover the cabin provided a real economy, compared to the use of sheet metal. Easily deployable, the GMC CCKW 353 could serve both as a troops transport vehicle, so as a medical evacuation vehicle, food and ammunition resupply vehicle. Sold around the world after the Second World War, the vehicle remained in service in many armies some of the vehicles equip with the 40mm BOFORS and working in france.

Item No 82459
Item Name GMC Bofors 40mm Gun
Bar Code 6939319224590
Scale 1:35
Item Type Static kit
Model Dimension Length:219.50 mm Width: 75.00mm
Total Plastic Parts 380+pcs
Total Sprues 13 sprues and poly cap
Chromeplate Parts n/a
Resin Parts n/a
Metal Parts n/a
Photo Etched Parts 1piece
Film Accessory n/a
Released Date 2011-11
More Features The kit consists of over 380 parts includes 8 clear parts
- Details finely represented by newly tooled parts
- Main tires with very good detail
- Photo-etched parts included