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lager1/48 RUSSIAN MEDIUM TANK, Tamiya

Artikelnr TAM32599


249 kr

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1/48 Russian Medium Tank T-34-85

Tamiya welcomes a new version of the T34/85 Russian medium tank into the 1/48 Military Miniature Series!
The T34/85 was a re-evaluation of the trusty T34/76 that had run into trouble against powerful German foes like the Tiger I and Panther. It had a larger, heavier-armored turret with 85mm gun, and was manufactured from January 1944.

As the tide turned and the Allies pushed back Axis forces, the T34/85 played a significant part in Operation Bagration (Summer 1944) and the advance on Berlin in April, 1945. 25,000 were produced by 1946, and it even served other militaries in the Warsaw Pact and was also exported to client states taking part in the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

Item Contents/Information
• This is a 1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 169mm, width: 63mm.
• A brand new kit, it does not carry over any parts from the T34/76 model already in this series (Item 32515).
• The form of the powerful medium tank is captured in style, with an ergonomic parts breakdown much like the real T34/85. The rough cast turret texture is expertly recreated, and the lower hull is a plastic part.
• Features depictions of later production road wheels and the later single-piece turret hatch design.
• Assembly type tracks use single-piece straight sections.
• Comes with a commander figure and two marking options for vehicles in the invasion of Germany, 1945.