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lagerIssue 11. 1945 English, Ammo MIG

Artikelnr AMIG4510

Issue 11. 1945 English

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The Weathering Aircraft, your favorite publication focused on painting techniques and ageing of aircraft presents its tenth issue. In this issue we focus on how to improve and paint the armament of our planes a critical element that is often overlooked by modelers.

In this issue world-class modelers finish all types of weapons with a multitude of techniques such as washing and paneling and the use of Oilbrushers and pigments. The authors also explore in detail how to integrate the weapons that accompany each subject so that they have the same degree of wear or different weathering in those cases that require it.

TWA covers all time periods and armament types ranging from a machine gun mounted on a World War I airframe to modern cruise missiles including both air-to-air and ground attack weapons. As always TWA features the best collaborators each providing you with inspiration and new techniques for your next project.

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